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Our Services

  • Driveways

    Your driveway is a statement to your visitors, neighbours and anyone passing by. Being a professional driveway paver in Perth, we can help you create an aesthetically appealing, durable, low-maintenance driveway suiting your needs & personal taste.

  • Patio

    Want to make your patio look more attractive? Opt for our brick paving solutions in Perth. Our paving designs will add beauty, safety and functionality to the patio areas of your house making it look exciting, elegant and interesting.

  • Pool Area

    A swimming pool area is one of the biggest investments in your property and it is vital that the paving highlights the area. At Well Laid Paving Perth we understand this, we take the time to ensure that no detail is left unchecked. We always use the highest standard adhesives when installing the pool coping, we always 'cut in' the area with greatest care and most acurate measuring and we always keep the site clean and free of dirt so the paving is not stained during installation. So get in touch with us now if you want the peace of mind knowing that the highest standard of care will be given to your pool area

Our Clients

  • Summit Projects
  • Display Homes & House Designs
  • Promenade Construction
  • Maxim Homes
  • Atrium Homes
  • Megara
  • Freo Stone Paving
  • Landscapers